Monday, November 24, 2014

Will SARMS Change Your Life?

For years, body builders have been utilizing testosterone supplements to build and sustain muscle growth.  Recently, new developments have been made for those looking into alternative methods for enhancing their muscles.  Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, better known as SARMS, offers the benefits of muscle growth supplements like steroids but without the unwanted side effects.
Benefits of SARMS include increased muscle mass, higher bone density, and an opportunity for weight loss.  While some people are still weary of this new alternative to steroids and testosterone supplements, there is scientific evidence standing behind this new trend. 

Here is a breakdown of how SARMS works:
In order to understand SARMS, know that androgen is a male sex hormone such as testosterone.  A certain class of chemicals fall under the category known as SARMS that create selective anabolic activity at certain androgen receptors throughout the body.  SARMS bind to the androgen receptor and inhibits anabolic activity.  The binding and activation of the androgen receptor effects the expression of genes and increases protein synthesis that builds muscle.  In simpler terms, instead of increasing the amount of androgens (or testosterone) in the body, SARMS increases the effectiveness of the receptors that take the androgen.  It increases enzyme activity of specific male hormone receptors that may have previously been wasted away.

What is so beneficial about SARMS is the fact that it targets specific areas of the body.  This results in lessened side effects on other organs like the prostate and sexual libido.  With the right selective androgen receptor modulators, you can increase strength, muscle growth, body composition, endurance and more without the critical side effects.

While SARMS has proven to show great potential for bodybuilders and athletes, it also has the potential to help combat muscle decrease in older individuals and those suffering from muscle wasting conditions.  Whether you are looking for an alternative to your current muscle supplements or are thinking about enhancing your muscles with an aid, SARMS are a great choice for anyone looking for safe and effective steroid alternatives on the market today.

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